The sun melted the snow.

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Those who know me, know that I am Catholic.

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Youth, which is forgiven everything, forgives itself nothing: age, which forgives itself everything, is forgiven nothing.


Steen gets angry very easily.


She died two hours later.

He kept stalking her.

Please don't force me to go.

Generally speaking, nobles were only very slightly affected by taxes.

Can someone please help me?

I don't meet someone like you every day.

There's no guard.


Syed has a bad cold.

You are mistaken: he plays double bass, not trombone.

Pinocchio tried his best to get there, but he couldn't.

Lois never even knew your first name.

The rent is very reasonable.

The soldiers remained still.

We don't have any more time.

I smoked.

He is known to everyone as a great scholar.

Don't let him die.

She married a rich man.

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Tighten the lid so that it doesn't go bad.

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Frances asked Lanny where she went to school.

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If you were to fall from that bridge, it would be almost impossible to rescue you.

Mike is captain of our team.

Like Harmon said, this is a waste of time.


Coke or Pepsi?

I cover twenty miles a day.

You have to tighten those screws.

I like all my classes.

I told him to come.

He gave her a piece of paper.

Don't go, my friends.

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Cliff can't understand why Sabrina got so angry.

Alain was tired.

I found the book by accident.

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The contract was ended.

I would rather you came on Friday than on Thursday.

Terrible shooting broke out the night before last.

It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

What are you wearing to graduation?

Many a day did she spend knitting a sweater for him.

The people in the next room stay up until all hours doing God knows what.


When I'm sitting in this chair, it's really comfortable.

I knew there was something different about you.

China has launched the world's first quantum satellite.


I want my children to graduate from high school.

Jinchao looked to Panos for approval.

Someone might get hurt.

His hobby is stamp collecting.

Harry put on his robe and wizard hat.


In front of my house there is a charming patisserie.

Affirmative, sir.

I have many Esperanto-speaking friends.

You make me dream.

Spring has come later this year compared with last year.


You didn't seem surprised.

Juergen has visited Boston once.

Geoff and Saiid are both very excited.


My neighbor always mows his lawn on Sunday mornings.

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I am my own biggest critic.


Do you want me to tell the police?


Marie is alone with Loyd.

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A heavy stone slab was lowered over the grave.

If you do that, Lindsey will get angry.

Many foreign customs were introduced into Japan after the war.

Vick says that Knudsen spends his money a little too freely.

Dinosaurs became extinct a very long time ago.

My television is broken.

It is none the less true.

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When I'm feeling low, I talk with friends or go out for a walk.

Do you have a date for Valentine's Day?

You should ask Pieter for advice.


Nici has everything a boy could possibly want.

The new medicine saved me from an illness.

A fight started about nothing between them.


He never told her where he hid the diamonds.

Major got mad at Jan.

He was also kind to animals.


I just followed your instructions.

She arrived on time. I arrived in time.

It's moving fast.

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Men are usually more interested in sports than women are.

Nothing is as it used to be.

I count on her.

They're a bunch of losers.

I have a feeling that Masao may blow in sometime soon.

I thought it might be nice for us to spend some time together.

That's a beautiful suit.

I'd like to look at the wine list.

Murthy doesn't share his food.


I need a crew.


Let's stop talking and start working.

I think that was hilarious.

Johnny needs a wheelchair.

Not even you can dampen my spirits right now!

You have my sympathy.

Donn doesn't really like Charles.

I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable.


We can hardly imagine our daily life without television.

Many young Romans went to Greece.

He is no ordinary man.

You've earned this, Brodie.

Do you want to learn English?

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Wilmer handed Sofia his wallet.


Don't ride the brake, Tammy.

Let's eat.

He is a nice person.

Maybe he likes you, too.

He wants to buy a pony.

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Please give me back my money.


I'm sorry, but I can't accept your invitation. I have other plans on that day.

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Today's match will take place in the 5th July Stadium, at 10:30 a.m.

I told you to open the hood, not the trunk.

All right, sir. The salad bar is over there.

He doesn't see the point in life.

It's really fast with a dedicated line.


It's been fun for us.

It's OK now. Don't worry. You can depend on me one hundred percent.

He took the proper steps to meet the situation.

The true killer responsible for her murder is you!

We must move this statue very carefully.

I planned it very well.

I still need to buy some bread.

Every language has its own design.

He knew better than to say such a thing.


There were lots of happy kids in the swimming pool.

Where have you been? We've been looking everywhere for you!

What kind of truck was Phill driving?


I can't take any more.

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He takes very good care of his guests.

Toby promised he'd pay back the money.

Does Loren have children?

I've seen your record.

That's a sad story, but I have the feeling that it now is heading toward a happy ending.

Why would Maarten be coming to see you?

A party was held in honor of the visiting writer.

I'll take care of the dog while you are out.

I don't act like you.

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Israel slipped me a note.

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Arne was bewildered.

Dora wants to learn about Dao.

The cart was in the shed.

We need the ladder.

How does she bring up her children?

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I think I know you.

The climate affected the growth of trees and plants.

Money doesn't buy happiness.

She's an important part of our family.

Please charge this to my account.

Is there a room available for tonight?

Iridium is one of the rarest elements.

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They only wrote good things about you in the newspaper.


I came up to Boston from Nashville a few years ago.

The poet was no richer than a beggar.

Tatoeba is more popular than ever.